Body tracking is tedious. Not anymore.

Fitmoh makes tracking as easy as texting.

Join 2,534 others in the new age of fitness tracking.

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Meet Fitmoh

Fitmoh is your personal fitness tracking assistant. Text fitmoh anytime.

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Bodyweight Tracking

Easy bodyweight tracking.

Whether you're trying to gain muscle without gaining fat, or trying to drop pounds of fat, tracking is key.

Tracking is scientifically proven to help lose weight.

Set a goal


Set body weight goals. Fitmoh uses predictive analytics with little nudges along the way to make sure you achieve your goal body.

Chat nutrition


Easy calorie and food tracking. Choose from our verified database of 50,000+ foods.

See a mistake? Tell us. We'll fix it within the hour.

Exercise tracking


Calorie tracking apps can't get lifting right. We can.

Fitmoh is made by lifters, for lifters. Less time tracking, more time training.

Inspired by FitNotes on Android.

What Our Beta Users Say


I had been trying to lose weight for years. The fat just wouldn't go! When Fitmoh came into my life, it was like a dream come true. I'm 40 pounds lighter and 40 times happier.


I always used to fall off the food tracking wagon. It was just way too dull. Fitmoh makes it so easy! Just a few texts a day and I'm on my way.


I had one goal: gaining muscle. I would workout for hours and never got bigger. Fitmoh fixed that for me. Keeping my sleep, nutrition, and lifting routine on track, I finally gained 20 pounds of muscle. I'm not stopping anytime soon!